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Foamy Songs IV - The Angry Squirrels War Song

(quoted from illwillpress.com squirrel songs IV):

I`ve been out of here for the last 46 hours,
trying to get some change.
All I get are people giving me flyers about how bad the war is.
so I decided to write a warsong -
based on the particulary viewpoint of the squirrel !
her it is...

I`m loving the war
anything that kills off people I`m for
be it disease or another world war
I`m loving the war
I`m loving the war
Because I want my land back
I`m loving the war
I need less people for that
I`m loving the war
So go blow up yourselves
I`m loving the war
I want my damned land back
you f*cking bastards - get out !
can`t you blow something else up ?
and maybe yourself with it ?
I mean - come on - ...

Squirrel Songs IV
19.6.07 01:18



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